Pet Policy


To ensure a pleasurable and safe visit for all guests please

explain the following house rules to your pet(s):

 At check in all guests with pets will receive a clean pet blanket.

Remind us if we forget! Please place this blanket on any location

where pet will sit or sleep. If you have brought your own pet

blanket please place it on top of the provided blanket. Some

people are allergic to pet hair and dander and this helps us manage

fur and keep units comfortable for all guests.

 Pets are not allowed on furniture or beds.

 Pets are not to be left in unit unattended. If you leave please

take your pet with you!

 Dogs must remain leashed while on motel premises. No exceptions.

In addition to being stipulated by city ordinance and subject to a

fine, loose dogs terrify the resident cats and may cause other

guests to feel uneasy.

 Please take your dog off the motel premises to relieve themselves.

Many folks walk along the street and railroad tracks, please be

considerate – cleanup and properly dispose of your pets waste.

Management will provide plastic bags if requested.

 Guests with cats are responsible for providing their own litter box

and for cleaning up any loose litter that may spill out of the box.

Box must be removed at check out.

 Pet bathing is not allowed in units. There are two outside hoses

that may be used to wash sand of pets (and people). Please do not

use motel towels to dry animals. Management has “pet” towels, if

needed just ask.

 Please be considerate of other guests and keep barking dogs,

meowing cats and chirping bird’s quiet.

 Let us know if there is any thing you or your pet needs to make

your visit more comfortable.

Thank you for you cooperation.